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Piano Tuning and Piano Repair

Serving Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernadino Counties

If you have a piano in your home, consider yourself to be very fortunate. Whether you are young or old the benefits of piano playing (increased hand-eye coodination, spatial skill development, stress relief, mental health, enjoyment) have been well documented. For some, a piano might be one of the largest investments they ever make. For others, the piano might be a gift from a friend or relative. In either case regular piano tuning and occaisonal piano repair are necessary to keep your valuable instrument in good condition.

My name is John Caterino and I am a piano tuner and piano repair technician. I hope you will take some time to explore this site. Throughout the site I have attempted to answer some of the piano tuning and piano repair questions I have been asked. If you would like to talk with me, please feel free to call.

Photo of grand piano tuning covina ca.
Photo of upright piano repair glendora ca.

Since 1993 I have been servicing pianos in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernadino counties. My clients include:

  • Covina Center for Performing Arts
  • Bonita Unified School District
  • Glendora Unified School District
  • Azusa Unified School District
  • Rowland Unified School District
  • Singer Music
  • The Music Store
  • Etiwanda High School
  • Dozens of churches and hundreds of home pianos

For questions, appointments or quotes please call


1532 E. Garvey Ave S.

West Covina, Ca 91791