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Piano Types and Sizes

There are basically two types of acoustic pianos, vertical (also called upright) and grand. Both vertical and grand pianos come in a variety of sizes. The height of a vertical piano is determined by measuring from the floor to the top of the piano. The length of a grand piano is measured from the front of the keys to the back of the piano case.


Vertical Piano Sizes


Spinet 36"- 39"


Photo of a spinet piano
Console 40"- 43"
Photo of a console piano
Studio 43"-47"
Photo of a studio piano
Full Size Upright 48"-60"
Photo of a full size upright piano
Grand Piano Sizes
Baby Grand 4'6"-5'6"
Photo of a baby grand piano
Medium Grand 5'6"-7'6"
Photo of a medium grand piano
Concert Grand 7'6"-9'6"
Photo of a concert grand piano