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Piano Tuning and Repair Services
Tuning - Adjusting the tension of each string (a piano has over 200 strings) so that it sounds in harmony with the other strings. Each piano string is attached at one end to a hitch pin and the other end is wraped around a tuning pin. The piano technician then turns the tuning pin with a tuning lever until the desired pitch/tension is reached.
Photo of piano tuning san dimas ca.
Regulation - Action parts (the moving parts) may need periodic adjustment to compensate for wear, compaction (of felt parts) and changes in wooden parts due to changes in humidity. The purpose of regulation is to ensure that moving parts are operating as they should and that the piano is responsive to the pianist's touch.
Phoro of piano repair san gabriel ca.
Voicing - Adjusting the tone of the piano. There are number of techniques that may be used to modify piano tone. They include proper hammer alignment, reshaping the hammers, treating the hammers with chemicals and sticking needles into the hammer felt to soften it.
Photo of piano repair diamond bar ca.
Repair - Replacing worn or broken action parts. Tracking down and eliminating pedal squeaks. Replacing a borken pedal or key top. Replacing a broken string. These would be examples of common piano repairs.
Photo of piano repair west covina ca.
Piano Appraisal - Evaluating a piano (generally a used piano) to determine if it is worth purchasing. During an appraisal a technician will look at many things, here are some of them. Rust on the strings or tuning pins, cracks in the sound board or bridges, loose tuning pins, loose bridge pins, excessive wear on the hammers and other action parts.
Photo of piano repair los angeles ca.
Piano Cleaning - Dust can collect inside a piano. Vacuuming the interior of a piano can remove a good deal of it but to do a thorough cleaning the technician may need to blow the dust out of the action and from behind/below the strings. This is accomplished by attaching the vacuum cleaner hose to the exhaust end of the vacuum.
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